Our Services

Request parent coaching and group trainings.


Our Services

Request parent coaching and group trainings.

Parent Coaching

One Time Coaching session

If you have already tried some of these strategies at home and are still finding yourself with questions or challenges, this is a great option for you. We would love to talk with you on the phone, through Skype, or even in person (if you’re local to Indianapolis!) as a one-time session (typically 25-45 minutes) or as the beginning of a longer-term support plan. The cost for this first session is $50 paid at the time of service. However, if you decide to partner with us for future consultations, this initial fee will be waived. 

On-Going Parenting Partners

We are available to partner with your family to work through a variety of challenging behaviors. This service includes an in-depth meeting with our parenting coaches to gather information about family concerns and to develop an initial plan to address specific challenges. After that meeting, we are available to meet in home to help families focus on improving parent/child interactions. The cost for this service is $75/contact hour paid at the time of service.

Same-Page Parenting Plan

Be proactive! Our coaches are available to help you and your partner discuss and establish your parenting goals and strategies. This includes everything from addressing communication styles, discipline methods, family expectations and longer term parent/child relationship goals. This includes a 1 hour conversation with both parents present.  Parenting With You will provide a personalized document based on the conversation. The cost for this service is $75.

Group Training

Parenting Support Workshop

These groups are led by our parenting coaches and will address a variety of different parenting challenges. It is also an opportunity to connect with and learn from parents who are in the parenting trenches with you. These workshops typically run for 6-weeks at a time. They are intended for parents and children. The first half of each session will be a parent-only conversation where we share concerns. A parenting coach is available to offer specific strategies. While parents are meeting, children will be in a playgroup with a licensed early childhood educator.  Following the parent portion, children will return and we will have an opportunity to practice strategies discussed. Please contact us for more information regarding pricing and schedule.  

Parent Education Presentations

Parenting With You would love to come present to your group (school, parent group, organization, etc, etc, ETC!). We have a wide variety of different presentation topics and are also open to developing customized content tailored to your specific needs. All workshops are 90-120 minutes and include ample discussion and question and answer time throughout and at the end.  Presentation Cost: $150-$200 (this includes all relevant materials and handouts). Some sample talks include: 10 Alternatives to Time Out, Relationship Based Parenting, The Power of Play, and Mindfulness in our Everyday Lives.